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Zoho Recruit

An Applicant Tracking System that helps staffing agencies and recruiting departments to track job openings, resumes, candidates and contacts more quickly and efficiently. Zoho Recruit provides multiple solutions in one platform: ATS + Mail + Calendar + CRM + GApss.

Key features

- Source and Reach Candidates
- Resume Management
- Create and Publish job openings
- Client and Contact Management
- Customize your Business process
- Reporting
- Activities Stream and More!

Top Sites for Applicant Tracking Software - Handpicked Recommendation

With more than 750 clients worldwide, iCIMS has become one of the most reliable and fastest-growing solutions for applicant tracking software. Their high-profile cliental list includes Tommy Hilfiger and Fedex Corporation.

iCIM’s Talent Platform program will allow your company to easily follow applicants for job positions without having to sift through thousands of emails. This software will provide your human resource professionals with the right tool to automate the application and talent acquisition process. Some of its best features include automatic resume updates, skill-profiling according to your criteria, searchable database, stored contact information, and reports on EEOC data, test scores, and more. With Talent Platform, resumes will never “slip through the cracks” again and you will eliminate errors in duplicate records or incorrect filing.

iCIMS top of the line software keeps your company up to date on the most qualified candidates for the jobs you are hiring, and streamlines communication with large applicant pools to make everyone’s search faster and less worrisome.

PCRecruiter’s applicant tracking software has been selected by almost 3000 companies as a trustworthy talent acquisition solution. This web-based software combines contact management and application treating to facilitate your entire hiring process, from the initial job inquiry to the staff approval step. Some of its key features include the applicant pipeline, a drag and drop interface for moving applicants from one phase to the next with complete history attached, and candidate profiling with customizable and searchable forms for the whole candidate database. Easily sort through by name, email, or other groups with the multi-purpose lists, and send out email approval chains with just a few clicks of the mouse. Additionally, you can search resumes on CareerBuilder and download them directly into your module for future references or immediate review. PcRecruiter offers even more add-on products such as Resumer inhaler to convert resumes from emails into PC folders, and Applicant Job Board to collect applications via your website. Schedule an online demo today to how PcRecruiter can help your applicant tracking process.

HRsmart seeks to provide quality software to improve your applicant tracking needs, and exceptional support services to improve your company development. Their client roster includes Sunoco, Hunt Petroleum, and Valero Energy, among other top corporations.

HRsmart’s applicant tracking system offers features such integrations for sourcing talent and maintaining background scans and communication with HR information databases. You will be able to recruit and build talent pools for easy future access, as well as monitor the candidates as they progress through the application progress. Track your candidates through the initial review, the interview, offer negotiation, and potential hiring stage. As a component of the HRsmart Career Development and Succession Planning Solution, applicant tracking will work with other modules such as Employee Referral and OnBoarding to determine the best source of hire and hire and promote internally first.

This applicant tracking software is not only innovative and reliable, but also practical to meet your hiring needs.

As one of the only 100% Software as a Service providers for human resources, HRMDirect offers a renowned and easy to use applicant tracking system that does not come with heavy costs. Starting at $100 per month, you can get the complete system including free upgrades, training and telephone support.

Create, approve, and track candidates with a process that is accessible to hiring managers, recruiters, and important decision-makers in your business. You can pinpoint the source of delays with detailed reports on the approval progression of any hire. With HRMDirect, you can efficiently and quickly communicate with qualified candidates through template and ad-hoc emails. Also, this software provides comprehensive applicant tracking reports done by decision analytics, of applicant flow logs, recent hires, recruiting, diversity, and more! You can even customize the reports to fit the standards of your company.

Request a free trial for 30 days to see the program in action today.

Jobvite has been featured in renowned magazines such as BusinessWeek and caters to customers such as Mozilla and TiVo.

Their software is the only recruitment platform that ties to social networks including LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, to find great talent to match your company’s jobs. The easy to use Web 2.0 platform allows recruiters to engage potential applicants through contacts in their social networks. This software will increase referral hiring and reduce costs by removing paper applications, emails, and other delays. Jobvite also allows you to create custom reports on hiring status through an intuitive drag and drop interface. With one monthly fee, you will have access to applicants worldwide, without the need for IT support, or administration. Jobvite ensures the most rigorous security measures so don’t worry about distributing private data.

Schedule a web demo now to get your Jobvite running and find the most qualified candidates to enhance your company’s future.

StaffingSoft is a comprehensive web-based applicant tracking system and recruiting software, used to match the right employee with many corporations.

The applicant tracking HR Edition will decrease the time needed to find talent by automating the search process through the internet. StaffingSoft centralizes a database that can be accessed 24/7 anywhere in the world, without the hassle of downloads and installations. Some of the key features of this product includes skill based candidate matching, screening and tracking, lead generation, EEO compliance reports, workflow management and job posting. You can even integrate your existing database of applicants with StaffingSoft’s software to make the transition easy and quick for your HR team. StaffingSoft offers various pricing options and packages to suit the needs of all companies, so call their sales department today to obtain an estimate.

Maxhire serves over 600 customers and 5000 users worldwide, and has become of the top software companies in its industry since 2001.

The TalentHook Resume Search feature extends the search for applicants beyond the MaxHire data so you can access resumes anywhere on the internet, on job boards such as Monster, Careerbuilder, etc. This allows you to browse multiple sources at one time, without opening many accounts, and save massive amounts of time. MaxHire’s applicant tracking software offers components that will make your hunt for the right candidate a lot more convenient. You can take quick notes on any individual in the people records, create call logs, reminders, and link activities directly from your Maxhire calendar. It’s also very easy to customize job orders, list desired skills, and advertise the positions your business needs. The company lookup toolbar will allow you to find the specific job or candidate in the database within seconds, so there’s no need to sort through thousands of postings.

MaxHire has a great instructional page for all of their software’s features online with step by step screenshots. For just $99, Maxhire’s applicant tracking system is a true value.

CATS’s ATS was created by experienced recruiters to specifically help other recruiters and managers ease their daily workload. It is a low-cost software-as-a-service applicant tracking tool that grants you access to data from anywhere without contracts or downloads.

CATS mainly focuses on basic functions in applicant tracking. You can filter the selection of candidates to match your exact requirements, from distance to keywords from their resume. They offer a Firefox toolbar that allows you to subscribe to job boards like Monster and Yahoo Jobs to search for candidates within no time. Their screening feature enables you to create detailed questionnaires for positions that eliminates weak candidates and brings out the most qualified ones. Also, the analysis reports will chart candidates based on the website they applied from to help you better advertise job positions.

Sign up for free to get the basic benefits, and pay only $29 per month to get the full package.

Taleo is used by thousands of organizations to attract and hire the top talent with over 175 million candidates to choose from.

Taleo differentiates its products based on the size of your company. For smaller businesses with up to 5,000 employees, the Taleo Business Edition Recruit allows you to establish online career websites to expand your search arena. You can easily manage and track job openings and candidates applying for them. Instantly view your contact list from Outlook or Excel, and you can even set up reminders of interviews or other important events. For larger companies or enterprises, try the Taleo Talent Master, a talent profile that captures the best of candidates’ career interests, skills, and qualifications to fill in the gaps in your company.

Get the 30 day free trial of Talent Recruit to test run Taleo’s applicant tracking software.

Combined Computer Resources has been an industry leader since 1979 in automation technology. WinOcular software is designed to transform your applicant tracking process from paper to digital efficiency.

Winocular specializes in personal information management so you can store and track candidates applying for your company’s positions without digging through drawers and folders. All of the applicants’ records can be integrated into one database along with the rest of your human resource files, and the time required to scan and index items is twice as fast as manual speed. The applicant tracking software is geared towards education level jobs. You can choose from two types of interfaces—Preclude, the standardized online applications, or Symphony, the custom-tailored applications. With tools such as automated email responses, interview notes, reference-checking, pre-screening, and more, you won’t have to spend hours deciding which applicants fit your criteria.

Winocular’s automated functions will save time and improve accuracy of your applicant tracking process.

SuccessFactors provides talent management solutions to over 5 million users in more than 185 countries worldwide and has achieved growth three times as much as their nearest competitors. Its applicant tracking software functions accordingly with the size of your business. For smaller and emerging businesses, try the Talent Planning feature that will allow you to formulate valuable insights about applicants based on information on their backgrounds, expertise, and talents. You will be able to speed the application review process along and find the right employees for the job. For midsized and enterprise businesses, SuccessFactor’s application tracking program guarantees to boost the quality of your hires and bring them up to date with the company’s goals. The recruitment and applicant tracking features are all part of the Integrated Solutions Suite with multiple other modules such as goal management and 360 degree reviews to help improve your success rate. Watch a brief video tour of SuccessFactors software now or request a meeting to gain a better understanding.

Sage Abra has been delivering software solutions for small and mid-sized companies for over 25 years. Although they specialize in trustworthy HR and Payroll software, Sage’s applicant tracking software is also top of the line.

The Sage eRecruiter software will uncomplicated your applicant tracking process, while making sure that you fit with EEOC applicant reporting guidelines , and find the best hires! You will not only reduce costs, but shorten the recruitment time by automating the process of creating and approving jobs and screening candidates. eRecruiter enables you to customize online career centers to match your business’s objectives, allowing applicants to easily view openings and submit resumes. This software will be integrated with popular job search engines such as to increase your potentital applicant pool. Your HR manager will be able to track candidates via any net location and search through the database for specific criteria.

View a quick demo about eRecruiter to gage whether it will benefit your business practice.

OrangeHRM is a fast growing HR solutions company that released its first beta in 2006, and is currently serving thousands of small and medium sized enterprises worldwide.

The recruitment module allows you to approve vacancies and enter requirements for any job. You will be able to thoroughly capture each candidate’s information including strengths and weaknesses without spending hours browsing through each resume. Keep track of notes at interviews and the most important aspects of a candidate in one easy to find file so no information will be lost. HR professionals can generate templates and customized documents to streamline the recruitment process. The applicant tracking or recruitment feature is part of the comprehensive package, so you cannot access only one component but the good thing is that OrangeHRM does not require download and installation or additional software to run.

Try this Software as a Service module today to improve your applicant tracking techniques and maintain an accurate database of all candidates.

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