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18 Popular Atlanta Headhunters - Handpicked Recommendation

On, you will find amazing opportunities to stretch your goals even higher with the leadership major companies are seeking for. Get tips on the site to make sure you are creating an everlasting first impression during your interviews or find ways to make a clean cut from your current job.

Submit your profile and a resume so you can search for careers near you or if you choose to relocate, across the nation. All the fees are paid by the employer so there are no job placement fees for you! You have nothing to lose when you visit Create your online profile today and get started searching!

At, you will find the tools you need to become successful in your field of business. They are dedicated in helping you build relationships. With 375 consultants in 37 countries, gives you a better chance at building relationships all over the world.

With their highly developed research abilities, is able to match the best client for a specific job.

When you build your resume on the site, you are gaining a competitive edge over other qualified peers. Building your profile today will give you a lasting relationship with and thus creating balance between your personal and business life. Begin building your career path today with

For a recruiting group with over three decades of experience, provides excellent service and searches for the best talent in the marketplace. Whether you are looking for a talented job seeker or a job seeking looking to be found, the Lucas Group can help you.

Create a profile to keep updated so they can help keep you on the right track for building relationships with their clients. From their wide array of categories, you will find the right recruiter to help you define connections in your field and secure a fit with an employer. Don抰 let amazing opportunities pass you by. Visit to build a path to success today.

At you will receive personalized care, offering you resources to launch you into a career. They help to match you with a job that is suited to your skills but also pushing you to exceed your skills to grow and thrive. has thrived winning countless awards such as their most recent in November of 2009 for Best Multi-National Agency and Best Agency Website. They give you complete bios of the recruiters in your field so that you can make the decision of who will be helping you and know them before you meet them. This site may not be for everyone, as it only offers services to Marketing, interactive and graphic design, IT and Online Marketing. Check out to learn more!

If you are a job seeking leader ready to start your career, visit!

Here, they offer you expert consultants to pair businesses with top talent, linking creative minds and business strategy. With their wide variety of job listings, you know you will be able to find a consultant to match you whether you are looking for a talent or a talent waiting to be seen. Apply for positions through or search for applicants to fill a leading position at your company.

Set up your profile to begin creating relationships with your consultant so that they may help you find opportunity in your area or if you prefer, elsewhere. Don抰 let missed opportunities pass you by. Visit today!

Begin creating your online profile at Whether you are a job seeking leader or an organization looking for amazing leadership talent, over 300 specialized consultants are ready to help.

Spencer Stuart has an efficient process to match the perfect leader with the right organization. They offer helpful material to ensure confidence in their clients. They strive to provide the best service possible so you, an industry with a lasting relationship with them or a rising talent, can find the right placement in your field of business. They ensure to conduct their searches through the trends and needs of companies and talents.

Create your profile today to meet with a consultant and find your leadership today.

Find advising, leadership and success with Russell Reynolds Associates at With eight consultants in the Atlanta, Georgia office and each in different categories in expertise, you will get personalized advising to find a career fit for you.

The site provides articles to stay successful for both the industry and the talent leaders. Industries are able to provide their guidelines to ensure that Russell Reynolds Associates match the right candidate for their particular job. With behavior and cultural assessments of their candidates provide more matched fits between companies and leaders.

Today is the day to find a leader! Create your profile now at and begin your path to success!

With a wide area of focus, is sure to hold the industry you are interested in setting your career path on.

Whether you are an organization looking for management or a leader ready to take charge, the consultants at are sure to have an efficient executive search to make sure you are getting the best talent in your field of business. The managing director in Atlanta, Georgia, Kevin B. Kelly is sure to help you find a leader or company that match your levels of expectation

Send them your resume or sign up for their services today to see and gain the high standards is sure to present you.

At Heidrick and Struggles, you are sure to experience quality service and find the key for you to take a couple more steps towards your next career.

The offices in Atlanta, Georgia have been serving their clients for 30 years with 20 consultants in their practice. Focused primarily on executive level positions, they hold global relationships and giving you the best possible chances to find the best leader or company to work with.

Heidrick and Struggles also offer leadership risk consultation to make sure your company is ready to obtain a new leader and the strategies to reach success in the future.

Set your company in the right direction or be the path a company is looking for by contacting the consultants at today!

Parker, McFadden Associates at is geared to helping you find management or your next position as a leader with their executive search and placement.

For over 25 years they have been able to place middle and senior executives for salaries from $50,000 to 250,000+. may not be for everyone, as they only work with metal working manufacturing industries. They work with private and public companies that make a wide variety of products. On the site they list an example of typical job listings they usually carry from plant and engineering manager to vice president of sales.

If you want to thrive in the metal manufacturing industries or if your company is one, check out to see how they can help you today.

At, you will find excellent services providing you optimal searches for your next leader or big career break.

They cover all of Metro-Atlanta, Georgia ensuring you that their connections will help you get the job! may not be for everyone, as they only serve the accounting and financing professions in Atlanta.

Their site lists currently available positions from accountants, managers, analysts or specialists and the expected salary.

With a combined 42 years of experience, consultants Ed Freeman and Ed Welborn are sure to help you search for your next profession or recruit your next leader. Contact them at today to get started!

Find your next leader or become one today at!

Built upon years of relationships with their clients, the consultants observe a company抯 culture, work ethic and strategy to find the best leader for its field of business. Based on a five step process, they assure the company and its leader to be the best match possible.

Their newly renovated site allows you to easily find the Atlanta, Georgia offices and the experienced consultants that work there. Bios of each allow you to view their success and experience and making you more comfortable when selecting a consultant.

With nine categories of professions, you or your company are sure to find the best fit to lead, or be led. Check out and contact the consultants today!

At, consultants always put their clients first. With over 60 years of experience, they are inclined to stay in front with their top notch service and successful matches of leaders and companies.

They are well expanded in their categories of business, ensuring you or your company will find an amazing fit in your specific field.

The offices in Atlanta, Georgia were recently opened in 2008 to expand with the growing city. Both managing directors, Daniel Grassi and Robert Travis are sure to find an amazing match for you or your company. Their office specifically offers service for executive and board searches and succession planning. Their three phase process is sure to help you succeed in finding a leader.

Don抰 let missed opportunities pass you by. Visit and talk to a consultant today!

If you are looking for a top executive search firm for areas in heath care, education/non-profit and corporate/service/management care, check out what can provide for you. With only three categories of industry, they are able to give you personalized and in depth information and experience.

The workers at the Atlanta, Georgia based office will give you the attention you need for finding your next management position or your company抯 next leader.

Their site is easy to navigate, allowing you to find the consultants available and the values they possess to give you the best search possible. Each of the categories gives you a low down for who they are connected with as well as current searches their clients are looking for. Visit and begin your search for the perfect leader or leadership position!

At DHR International, you will find a wide array of practice areas for different levels of business. At, they assure you will receive the best leading talent who fits your company抯 needs.

DHR International specifically identifies talents at the Vice President, Board Director and CxO levels and only provides the best. Every client goes through JobPlex, a DHR founded company, to accumulate personal searches for them.

At the Atlanta, Georgia offices, you are sure to gain professional help from one of their consultants. Extensive bios allow you to gain insight on their specified areas as well as the success and history of their previous consultations.

Visit and begin your search for leadership or management positions today!

With only providing to Health Care Recruiting, you know you will find personalized service and optimal knowledge from all of their consultants. HCR International has over 15 years of experience allowing them to gain relationships with health care and medical facilities.

Not only will consultants help you find a great match for you or your company, but they also update you on key information and news about employment.

The easy to navigate site allows you to find just how dedicated and passionate HCR International really is. Just taking a look at their client list will make your jaw drop and leave you knowing that success can only come from speaking with a consultant. Visit today to find out even more on how HCR International will cater to you!

At, you will experience professional help from the Prime Genesis consultants. You know you will get optimal care because they boast a 90% success rate after 18 months of an executive抯 hire compared to only 60% success somewhere else. not only offers help with searching for your next leader or a company that fits you, they also help the job seeker with how to succeed after they are hired. They claim that within 100 days you or your leader will succeed in their new role. Learn how to set a strong first impression on your first day and how transition into your new role. Prime Genesis consultants teach you the tools you need to succeed. Visit the site today and learn more!

A great Atlanta, Georgia based headhunter is the Shoemaker and Associates firm. They are knowledgeable in a wide array of industries with relationships from Fortune 500 companies to private family owned businesses.

Consultants at Shoemaker and Associates are able to find a compatible match between their clients and high minded individuals using their state-of-the-art tools. Companies create a profile with the consultants to set the goals and expectations of a newly opened role while potential candidates are sorted through to meet the company抯 needs.

On the site, tools are provided for leaders to succeed on their first day or even stand out during the interviewing process. Check out the site today to start succeeding on your career path!

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