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16 Popular Dallas Headhunters - Handpicked Recommendation

Egon Zehnder International aims to make their clients their top priority and to provide a significant service through the assessment and recruitment of top-level management positions.' This firm maintains offices around the world, arranged around a private single-profit partnership, in order to foster smooth operation. Egon Zehnder arranges to provide excellent resources for clients no matter where they reside and whatever the size of their business.

With a prominent office in Dallas, Egon Zehnder International dedicates themselves to the evaluation and engagement of business leaders who can bring to any group competitive advantage and sustainable value.' They pride themselves on possessing sensitivity to the unique needs of any business so as to offer the highest level of service.

If you're looking for a dedicated Dallas headhunting firm, consider the services of Egon Zehnder International. For more information, visit them online at

Priding themselves on being 'one of the nation's largest executive search firms,' Lucas Group is a dedicated recruiter serving a diversified client base in a number of markets and industries. This firm employs a number of specialists with connections and work experience in the industries they are serving, so as to provide the best possible candidates for recruitment.

If you're looking to fill a position in the Dallas area, Lucas Group operates an executive recruitment service. The company is familiar with local business and industry, making them a top choice in recruitment services for executive positions in the Dallas metro area. On top of trends in the Dallas market, Lucas Group maintains a versatile and intelligent business that is ready to handle any search.

Visit for more information on their service in the Dallas area.

'CSI' stands for 'Comprehensive Search Initiatives.' This means that recruiters at CSI Executive Search are dedicated to finding the most dedicated and qualified candidates for employment in a number of industries. They have given their search operation the title of 'Pinpoint Placement,' signifying a close attention to the needs and objectives of the clients, as well as the personalities and skills of the candidates in order to ensure a successful pairing. CSI Executive Search understands that each client is unique; therefore their services aim to cater to the specialized requirements of each user.

The recruiters at CSI are very familiar with the Dallas business industry and employment environment. They maintain a network of excellent sources and talent within the area and can offer the experienced service of top talent. Dallas is the center of many corporate headquarters, and CSI can cater to the representation of all major industries present. For personalized recruitment services in Dallas, consider taking your business to CSI ' visit them online at

For a recruitment agency that services marketers and designers, Aquent aims to provide a specialized approach to locating the best talent available. Aquent describes their services as more than just recruitment and talent, however. Their operation hopes to innovate the way in which both companies and talent function by fostering techniques that better the client/candidate structure. The goal is to foster an environment in which the services of marketers and designers can flourish to the best of their abilities.

With an office located in Dallas, TX, Aquent is available to providing local clients the opportunity to fully engage with a world-wide market. Work with a specialized agent to help create a productive and beneficial partnership. Aquent hopes to help you learn and flourish in your industry.

To read more about their objectives and services, go online to

The Korn/Ferry International recruitment agency has been on the business for years, eventually having 'evolved as the world's premier provider of talent management solutions.' They have dedicated their services to ensuring that clients are provided with the most qualified and professional candidates. Korn/Ferry services also include consultation offerings and solutions for talent acquisitions. It is their goal to provide longer-lasting advantages than simply locating the most effective talent.

Korn/Ferry maintains offices in Dallas, with a staff of expert agents with intimate knowledge of specific regional operations. If your organization is ready to hand over the talent management reins, you will be rewarded with professional experience, expertise and an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

Visit them online at to see if their services are right for your needs!

A local and personalized approach, Carl J. Taylor & Co. makes an effort to fully understand the individual objectives and requirements of your organization to provide the most fulfilling and impactful service. They are serious about making sure business is conducted in a manner that fosters the utmost respect, claiming that 'you should expect a customized and thorough search of the market place using the highest level of professional standards.'

Carl J. Taylor & Co. specializes in providing services that are focused specifically on the Texas market. They have a strong connection to the Dallas business environment and can provide quality work for both local and global businesses. What you will find when working with this company is the cultivation of a personal relationship that is predicated on honesty and professionalism. You are sure to receive quality attention and care when you employ their services.

Learn more about what this company can do for you by visiting!

Spencer Stuart is an international recruiting firm that maintains 51 offices in 27 countries. Such an expansive network allows this company to employ the services of a wide-range of experts across borders, who can work together in maximizing resources to foster a specialized and expert approach. All the consultants on staff possess industry expertise and have the support of research associates and innovative technologies. This company values creating long-term relationships with clients to ensure the most qualified and dedicated service.

One of their global offices is located in Dallas, allowing for a dynamic relationship between local and international markets. Professionals here can help you to locate the most appropriate talent via global collaboration and an increased expertise through team-work. At Spencer Stuart you can expect a high level of dedication and professionalism.

To consider their services, go online to!

Creative Circle offers a specialized approach to staffing, representing advertising agencies, marketing firms and design industries. They aim to support those in need of 'creative, marketing, or interactive resources.' The staff takes up a collaborative approach in all of its endeavors, helping candidates strengthen their appeal and getting familiar with clients in order to provide the most comprehensive services possible. They stress face-to-face meeting with candidates to ensure all parties involved the most productive partnership.

The company maintains offices in major US cities, one of which is their prominent Dallas office. There you can meet with Creative Circle's team of specialists in helping you to develop, expand and increase the competitive edge of your business. Their stringent screening process and personalized approach will provide you with a rewarding solution to whatever your needs.

Visit for more information!

In your search to appoint a senior-level executive, you ought to consider the services of Russell Reynolds Associates. This firm understands the importance of selecting the most suitable and impactful candidate to take on senior-level position. Their approach in finding the right candidate is an in-depth process that involves rigorous interviews and evaluations that include psychometric testing and behavioral analysis. They will also work closely with clients in order to develop a comprehensive understanding of who they are and what their goals are.

Located in cities around the globe, Russell Reynolds Associates run an office in Dallas. At their local office you will have the opportunity to develop long-term relationships with the consultants on staff. They maintain the ability to provide exceptional insight into the Dallas market so as to provide business with competent knowledge of local opportunities and candidates.

Learn more about their services at

Conselium is an executive search firm that specializes in corporate compliance, audit and IT security. Located in offices around the United States they aim to 'provide comprehensive executive search and placement for fortune 500 level companies.' Though they do possess large-scale clients, they also cater to the needs of smaller growing businesses. No matter the client, they aim to provide an effective service utilizing the team's industry knowledge and experience, as well as their large network of partners.

This firm is headquartered in Dallas, and is therefore able to provide expert insight on the local market. For Dallas-based business looking to employ the help of a recruitment agency, Conselium offers a personalized approach to help their clients become more successful.

Consider the services offered, by visiting them online at!

In business for almost 60 years, Heidrick & Struggles has focused on developing quality client services that has altered according to the demands of an ever-changing market and growing international client base. The mission behind Heindrick & Struggles is unwavering. They aim to provide a service based on trust and respect for all members involved, and are serious about proving themselves as an example of good corporate governance.

With an office in Dallas, the firm can provide specialty service in industries integral in shaping the Texas economy. This office offers consultations for a wide variety of businesses with their team of expert staff that have had previous experience as executives in the industries they serve. They can provide expert advice for public and private firms and are capable of meeting the challenges presented by today's demanding business environment.

Read more about their objectives and opportunities at!

Corporate Search Partners is a recruitment firm that specializes in staffing for finance, accounting, and banking industries from the staff to executive level. The offer focused expertise to allow for successful placement of skilled talent in specific positions. This specialized approach fosters a comprehensive relationship between themselves, their clients and candidates. Corporate Search Partners also offers services in the screening of talent with background checks and psychological testing. They are dedicated to providing the information to help you make the best hiring decisions in your specific field.

This company maintains only two offices, both in Texas with one located in Dallas. They are available to provide their services for companies both local and global. For contact information and other details, visit them online at!

An entrepreneurial firm with offices around the world, Stanton Chase is a fast growing leader in the global executive search operation. They are committed to providing a very detailed and personalized experience for clients no matter their size or their location. One of their greatest values is close listening ' being able to fully comprehend the needs of their client in order to respond effectively. Finding it important to be in tune with the specificities of each business, Stanton Chase will promote the growth of a long-term relationship to help enhance your company's competitive edge.

Stanton Chase operates one of the largest search firms in Dallas, with a team that specializes in both global and local clientele. The firm's entrepreneurial model helps to ensure that each branch can provide localized attention. The Dallas team has expertise in the local business market with the skills and knowledge to provide the most relevant and effective help.

There is more to learn by visiting the website at!


This Dallas based search firm has the expertise to provide recruitment services in a variety of fields and industries. Roll International is a 'highly contacted' firm who realize the appointment of executive positions is about finding an individual who is capable of making a significant contribution to the success and growth of the company. They call this service 'relationship recruiting' as their services focus on the establishment of trust and the growth of long-term relationships with clients that keep returning. They also maintain the hope that both client and candidate will find opportunity for growth even throughout the recruitment process.

Located in Dallas, Roll International is sensitive to the needs of both the local and global market. No matter the size or location of the client, this firm is dedicated to providing a service with the utmost respect and professionalism.

Visit to learn more about their objectives!

Another Dallas-based recruiting firm, Career Directions specializes in serving those companies involved in technology/computer sales and marketing. This firm is in tune to the demands of today's market and can provide a relevant service in accordance with industry standards. One aspect of contemporary business they respond to is the need for more stringent confidentiality. This means that client information will not be released to a candidate until interest in them is expressed, nor will candidates be asked permission before submitted. They utilize a very in-depth searching process to ensure that only the top-quality candidates will be presented.

Career Directions' Dallas corporate location helps to create strong ties with local industry but also provides services for other international and domestic clients.

To learn more about the services offered, visit!

HealthCare Recruiters is dedicated solely to serving the health care industry and is in fact the only executive search firm in the Unites States that makes health care their exclusive priority. The recruiters on staff have occupied positions as former business leaders and health care professionals; therefore they can provide valuable insight into the specific demands of the market. HealthCare Recruiters maintains franchise offices in 30 cities ' allowing staff to customize a personal recruiting program. This firm aims to uphold a position as providers of adamant standards and respectful, professional service. HCRI works closely with clients and recruiters to discover the best possible match and to foster growth for all parties involved.

Dallas is the location of the company headquarters, as well as home to the first of the 30 HCRI franchises. This was the first office to bill over $1million in revenue and has for years been successful in finding flourishing matches for individuals and businesses in the health care industry. They are in-tune with advancements in this demanding and rapidly growing market, and will help both clients and candidates stay at the top of their industry.

For more information about the services provided, visit!

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